Tudor in the Pines

Tudor in the Pines

Tudor in the Pines

Reconnect with Nature

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About the Tudor in the Pines

Hidden amidst the dense foliage of Baguio City’s pinewood forest, Tudor in the Pines is a remarkable estate in the Philippines comprising of five (5) unique residences within a gated and guarded property, accommodating a maximum of 30 guests.

Our Residences

Reconnect with Nature

Explore our unique residences for your next stay in Baguio City

Tudor House

The Tudor House, a fusion of classic and contemporary design is attached with a Glasshouse lounge nestled in the Pines forest.

Twin Glass Treehouse

Dwell amongst the pine trees across a hanging bridge and timber deck 30 feet above the ground.

Forest Terrace

The Forest Terrace below the Tudor House is entered through a garden tunnel. The cozy living and dining room blends in perfectly with a fully equipped kitchen.

Garden Terrace

The Garden Terrace below the Royal Cottage is a contemporary designers home which features a huge timber deck encased in glass with a full view of the sky, garden and man made waterfalls.

Royal Cottage

Another medieval inspired lodging, the Royal Cottage is accessible through a stone archway and a black gallery decorated with oil paintings and collectible items.

Feature Picture

The Pines View Deck allows you to catch the beauty of both sunrise and sunset. And also a great view of the lush green pines forest.

The gym is open to nature for the health enthusiasts

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